Sleek and Chic: Why Trilby Hats Are All The Rage

Published: 02nd June 2010
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There is just something about trilby hats that scream class, style and a rebellious spirit all rolled up into a dashing felt hat. They are the most versatile and sleek fashion accessory to come along, and the rich history from which they came, only adds to its air of mystery. There is simply no one way to wear trilby hats, just as there is no wrong way to wear one, either.

Dating back to as early as 1894, trilby hats were named after the main character, Trilby, portrayed in a George duMaurier novel of the same name. When the novel was later produced as a play, the actor portraying Trilby wore a hat that seemed similar to the American fedora, but with a narrow brim with a deeply pinched crown. The popularity of the play and the character also increased the popularity of the stylish hat, which was soon named after the character that inspired it.

Often criticized as being a "Fedora knockoff", trilby hats are a definite unisex and trendy accessory that works with so many styles of dress. The current fashions coming out of New York and Paris have done the trilby up in a very big way. With soft neutral colours and coordinating ribbons, the felt and wool trilbies work well with oversized Oxford-style shirts, long vests and form-fitting ankle length trousers. Paired with thin-strapped heels, this is a very sleek and chic look. For a wilder look, trilbies festooned with a fashionable appliqué work well with more casual looks like sweaters and jeans.

On the romantic side, there are trilbies on the market now that are made of straw and lace with a slightly longer brim to the back and ribbons that drape behind that remind one of sun hats. The models wearing this type of trilby are often seen wearing soft and flowing gowns made of lightweight summer material, done up in a very romantic fashion. This look brings to mind the sun hats of past years, with pastel ribbons and scarves acting as fashionable sun drapes, while wearing long and flowing gowns during the blistering days of summer.

Speaking of sun hats, the trend this summer appears to be straw with an even split between wide and floppy, and longer and sleeker. The classic sun hats are back, with the wider brim flapping gently in the breeze, long floral scarves wrapped around the peak and draping sensuously to the shoulders.

The sleeker sun hats, on the other hand, come coloured in soft pastels, with matching ribbons around the peak. The brim extends in the front and back of the hat, offering good protection for the face, as well as the neck. The overall look reminds one of some of the more distinctive Aussie styles found in the outback.

No matter your preference, trilby or sun hat, there will be a wide variety on the market this spring and summer. Pair them with any look you wish, from sleek and trendy trouser ensembles to romantic visions of flowing gowns of linen and lace.

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